Susan LeGrand Levine
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Susan has experience working with clients on a number of different issues, including: 

Adjustment Depression
Self Esteem Relationship
Issues of family origin
Codependence/Alcohol and Drugs
Goal Setting
Guided Imagery
Self Injury
Divorce Issues
BiPolar Disorder
Eating Disorder
Self Injury

Susan is also certified in HeartMath, a scientific method of reducing stress and creating a positive lifestyle. Please see here for more information. 

As a psychotherapist in general practice, Susan uses supportive, goal directive approach to assist clients. Her style is nurturing and utilizes strengths and resilience naturally available to the client. Susan has counseled thousands of adults, couples, teens, and children. Her approach is client-centered, and she has a unique ability to understand, motivate, and inspire those who seek her guidance. She received her Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Psychology in 1991 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Susan’s Life has been her greatest teacher. Her spirituality has been her strength. She enjoys music, sports, gardening and yoga. She is married to Steven Levine, a Program Developer and writer. They have 8 children and 14 grandchildren. Susan and Steve have been Dane County Treatment Foster Parents for 18 years and have foster-parented 92 adolescent boys in their home. Her office is near Hilldale in Madison, Wisconsin and she lives in Mount Horeb.


Susan has experience working with clients on a number of different issues, including: 


Susan charges $150.00 per session, which usually lasts an hour.

Sliding scales are available.
Comprehensive Community Service
Care Wisconsin
Non HMO Insurance is accepted.



"Susan's counseling is amazing. She helped me and my family through the most difficult time in our lives. I can't thank her enough." -- A.M.  


"Susan is the best. I don't really feel the need to qualify that any further, but there is a fifty character minimum. If you need counseling, go here." -- S .K. 


"My family has known Susan since 1995. This is the best place for getting counseling services. Susan is kind and compassionate and a great listener. She will guide you all the way through your troubles until you are whole again. She uses many integrative sources in her work that helps the patient through their journey. I encourage you to give her a try to help you with your problems. No problem too great or too small." -- P.T.